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Revisiting Savage Worlds

 It has been a few years. When the SWADE Crowdfunding launched, I participated but never really got into it. I was burned out and wanted to avoid learning the changes to the system. Was a grumpy Grognard. Over the holidays, I finally had the muse to read SWADE. I am glad I did. The people I played with and followed had very negative opinions about SWADE, and I let it also colour my perception. But after finally digging in and reading it, it is an excellent system, and I look forward to playing it. I got deep into Savage Pathfinder for Christmas. Hopefully, I will run Rise of the Runelords this year with my online group. As a side effect, I looked at Savage Space again and will finally update it for SWADE and turn it into a SWAG product. Probably a bit too late now that the Sci-Fi Companion is at the door, but it's one of the most downloaded RPG supplements I have ever done and will hopefully find its place in some Savage Libraries once it's done. I plan to do regular posts here