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Free Downloads

 Here you can find the RPG projects I make available for free.

Free Downloads

Downloads for Barbarians of Lemuria

BoL, in its primary iteration, is a heroic sword and sorcery game with very competent, larger-than-life heroes. A classic Dungeoncrawl game is deadlier; the heroes are less capable to start out with. It also usually features more widespread and commonly used magic. This is what this hack is trying to emulate. I have been inspired by countless OSR games, especially DCC and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Sometimes you will find Rules flagged as optional. You can choose to use these or ignore them. The latter is actually applicable to everything herein. Take what you want and leave out the rest. I have tested it only with all non-optional rules in place. Try something out first before removing it. Hopefully, you find everything for some epic crawls in dark places.

Downloads for Savage Worlds

The basic Savage Worlds Character sheet I now use in all my games.

This is the basic Totems of the Dead Character sheet. No auto-calculations, though. You can save it, too, if you have a reader like Foxit instead of basic Adobe.

A Savage Worlds Sheet for Thrilling tales, Including some modifications for my homebrew

This savage fan 40+ page PDF is a full-blown resource book for any Space Opera game.

Savage Space 1.0 download link
Savage Space 1.0

Content Overview:

  • 5 hindrances
  • 14 edges
  • An extensive equipment list
  • Various armour and shields
  • 16 new weapons, including blasters and Disintegrators
  • Cyberware, from replacements to enhancements
  • A complete rule set on how to create spaceships as characters, complete with skills, edges, hindrances, and equipment
  • And finally, a full-featured adventure generator!

The PDF has extensive bookmarks and a clickable Index. It presumes only a generic setting, and everything is easily usable in any Sci-Fi Space Opera campaign.

Still not convinced? Read a Review at Solace of Savagery!

Downloads for D00lite

  • Shadow Ops 2nd

A Fan Conversion of the Shadowrun 2nd Edition rules to the D00lite engine. Available as Word or PDF.

Shadow Ops 2nd






This conversion has some skill changes and a shiny new bestiary containing all the baddies from Thief Gold. My first monster hack for D00lite, so it may be terribly unbalanced. Be warned! I still need to finish another replay of the game, so some details on the monsters are strictly based on their Wiki entries and not my own in-game experience. I only have vague memories of some.

Complete list of Changes:

  • thief_cover_snippeed
    Thief Hack V02

    Assassin and Mugger Skills updated, Warrior added

  • Changed Blackjack use
  • Some typos and errors fixed
  • New Bestiary!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!




Riders Version 1

I tried to recreate an idealized version of the Sons of Anarchy shows premise, a motorcycle club involved in criminal activities while trying to protect their hometown from outside influences and clean of crime. As I am fond of treating everything as characters in my games, I wrote some basic rules to create a town and a motorcycle club. It is rough but enough to get one started when you are familiar with the premise and tropes of the genre.


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Differences of Pathfinder and Savage Worlds Combat and how they relate to Savage Design

Hello again folks. While reacquainting myself with Savage Worlds, I read an Interview from 2021, given around the Savage Pathfinder Kickstarter. In it I think Mike Barbeau said the following: "If you boil Pathfinder combat down to its barest essence, you're making a bunch of decisions managing your most important resource: hit points. You can still see the influence of grandaddy Chainmail in Pathfinder's design. You have so many tools to shift the flow of hit points in battle that you’re constantly discovering new strategies and tactics as you play. It's still a wargame at heart, which makes the decisions in combat feel so vital and fun. While Savage Worlds still has tactical combat that follows the same generalized principles as Pathfinder, when you take a hit, we want to scare the player. Taking a Wound is a big deal, especially since you can only take three before you're taken out. That said, Wounds modify your ability to succeed at rolls and negatively impact y

d12 Core Edition released

As discussed in an earlier post, I have now decided to create a genre-neutral version of my d12 TTRPG first. This will function as the core repository for the rules and an SRD of sorts and will be CC-BY-SA. I can then make separate setting-specific versions of it once it's polished. As before, this version does not have any art or layout yet, as some work still needs to be done. However, it is now rules complete!! The setting creation method is now included.  Any future revisions will be done to the d12 Core PDF. I will do some smaller updates over the next weeks. Once I am happy with it, I will get someone to look at it as an editor.  The final version will be available as markdown files and a properly laid out PDF. I am also looking at ways to host it separately online. I am also still looking for the final name of the system. If you have an idea, hit me up! I hope you enjoy this update. Link below! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or wherever is convenient for y

The joy of old files or sometimes hoarding is good.

 After deciding to finally tackle the Savage Space update, I went looking for the files. I wrote it over 10 years ago. At first, I could not find any and started to worry I would have to pull everything out of PDF. But clutter old me found the old external HDD with the word docs on it. What a relief! Off into the cloud they go. Now on to actually working through them. Since I was surprisingly smart enough to save them as separate chapters instead of the single word document they where done in initially, I can go through chapter by chapter. I may do some live streams of this. Would that be interesting?